Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Tryin to find some SUNSHINE!!!"

We had the chance to take a trip to the Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale. We were anxious to find some warmer weather- just our luck that Florida and the Keys were having the coldest winter in 140 years!!! This is the view outside our hotel. We did finally get to go to the beach on the last day we were there.

Fort Lauderdale is the yacht capital of the world and home to this 80 million dollar yacht.

The boat that we went up and down the intercoastal waterway on!
A "fixer-upper" we're considering buying!!!!
We went as far South as we could go to Key West just trying to find the sun. It was pretty warm on this day- around 65 degrees!

A lot of drinkin' goes on in Key West as you can see by this guy that Bud & Sue came upon!
Jimmy Buffets' Margarettaville Cafe!
Look Dawson & Carter- it's a "real" Pirate with a wooden leg!!!