Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Pictures from Georgia!

"What a FUN Birthday"!!!!!!!!!

It all started on Thursday when I came home from shopping and Greg had completed the flower box he had made me for my birthday! Isn't is cute!!! I love flower boxes. Greg is so talented. All he needs is a picture of something and voila- there it is. Thank you Greg- love you!!!

My kids also gave me great gifts for my birthday. This picture of the Grand kids at the beach is so cute and I love having a year's subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine.
Nathan and Amy are living in the Mountains of North Georgia right now working on an LDS church. They are near a town called Helen- I've heard about it for years and they are just 25 miles from it. So we took a trip to Georgia and went to Helen and hung out in the cute little German town. We shopped and had dinner on the river at a yummy restaurant!

Then it was time for ice cream and a game of putt-putt!

Another reason we went to Georgia is so that Nathan could take Greg kayaking down one of the many rivers in the north Georgia mountains. Didn't get any pictures, but they had a great time.
On our way to pick Nathan and Greg up from the river we went to "Goats on the Roof." No kiddin"- there are real goats living on the roof of this cute little country store and ice cream shop. It is wild- grass is growing up there and there are bridges connecting the stores that the goats cross over on. Never seen anything like it!!

What a fun birthday- thanks Nathan and Amy for showing us around!!!!