Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My missionary!!

Spencer has officially been on his mission today for 1 week. If you have ever sent a son on a mission you know how hard the first week is. The first day you literally feel like someone has died. As soon as you get over that day it's not so bad. I was so thankful that Spencer got to spend time with both his brothers and his sister before he left. He spent two days before entering the MTC with Todd and Lindsay and was able to see some relatives in Utah including Grandma Perrine, Grandma Pritchett, Aunt Pam and Uncle Sterling. Todd, Lindsay and Grandma Pritchett actually took him to the MTC on October 22nd and made sure that "all was well". I haven't been to the MTC with any of my sons and feel like it is just too hard to say good-bye there.
Spencer received an incredible blessing when he was set apart as a missionary and his mission has already strengthened my testimony. I received a letter he had written a day and a half after being in the MTC and the words he wrote were definitely not typical of "Spence." They were however typical of a young man set apart by Priesthood authority to spread the good news to the world that the gospel and priesthood power to act in the name of God has been restored to the earth in these latter-day. (Sorry if that sounds preachy- I intend to use this blog to share my thoughts, feelings, and testimony with my friends and family). I love all my kids and I love my missionary son!!


Teresa Johnson said...

Hello! Sorry I didn't get to visit with ya while I was in Tennessee! I did get a chance to tell Spencer "Good Luck!"

Katy Beth said...

I can't believe he's old enough to do on a mission. Not that I'm that much older, but it still seems so odd! Time has flown by. Spence is a extraordinary young man. I have no doubt that he will be a tool in the Lord's hands to bring about extraordinary things in the next two years! We look forward to updates! By the way, I need to get his address from you. Thanks!