Sunday, December 28, 2008


Grandpa & Joshy

Grandma & Joshy

"Baby Josh"

Winter Wonderland
Todd & Lindsay's Home

After almost two and a half weeks in Utah, I am back in Tennessee. It was a magical time being there with Todd, Lindsay & Baby Josh during the Christmas season. As you can see from the pictures it was a winter wonderland in Utah and all we did and wanted to do was sit by the Christmas tree with the fire place roaring and hold baby Josh. I enjoyed every minute of it and really was sad to come back home (although I was missing Greg!!). We did have the chance when
Greg came for a few days to spend time with my mom, Bob and Pam, Sterling and Linda and Grandma Perrine, along with a lot of other nieces and nephews and their families. I am most grateful though that I had the chance to spend this precious time with Lindsay and the baby. Todd and Lindsay are such cute parents and Lindsay is just radiant with love and joy for Josh. We are already trying to plan the next time we can see each other. I hope it's not long.


Lindsay said...

Cute blog template Mom! We miss you so much. Can you come back?