Thursday, January 29, 2009


Paper sack purse albums

Up Close!
Poster & Invitation

As the newly called enrichment leader in our ward, I have been working on the R.S. birthday party in March. I think we might be the last ward in the church to do the "purse" themed enrichment night, but that is what we have decided to do calling it the "Purse"-suit of Happiness. We will present the theme by talking about how we all have different "purse"-sonalities, we all carry different kinds of "purses" at different times of our lives (back-packs,diaper bags, church calling bags, brief cases, suitcases, etc.) But no matter where we are in life, we need to "purse"-severe, be "purse"-sistent, and continually "purse"-sue happiness as intended by Heavenly Father.
We'll play a "what's in your purse" game, and then make these cute paper sack purse albums that we can give to a special "purse"-son! Thanks too, to my nieces Jenny and Crystal for giving me ideas they used in their ward. I'm tired of purses now!!


Emily said...

Cute theme! I want to go :) Those purses are made with an artist's flare :)

Katy Beth said...

How cute! I'm excited about it!

andrea said...

That is the cutest idea ever! love it!