Saturday, April 4, 2009

"I Was So Happy When Grandma Came!!" (Posted by Joshy)

"I was so happy when Grandma came to see me."
"We did a lot of things together. We went to church...
...and we watched Mommy & Daddy cook.
I think they might start a cooking show... Daddy is really talented at making homemade tortillas...
...yummy to my tummy!"
"Not only did I get to see my Grandma,
I got to see my Great-Grandma Pritchett and...
... my Great-Great Grandma Perrine too. I also got to go to the "girls day" at my great Aunt Pam"s house. Hey, wait a minute, I'm a boy!! Oh well, I got to see some cousins and it was fun. What a special day!"

"I got to go shopping with my Mommy and Grandma.
I slept most of the time in my stroller! Then we went to
great Aunt Pam's again for an American Idol party.
I did a lot of new things when Grandma came!"
"My Grandma gave me bath.....
...and she rubbed me down with lotion."
"We all had dinner together the night before my Grandma went home."
"I love my Mommy...
...and I love my Grandma! I was sad when my Grandma left,
but I know I will see her soon in sunny Florida."
Bye, Bye Grandma!!"


Lindsay said...

Ahhh! We miss you Grandma! Come back!!!

The Holler Hinckleys said...

We missed you too, Grandma! And we're glad your home!!!
We think Joshy is as tall as Layton. He is such a Big Boy! We are so excited about the beach! Layton wants to hang with his favorite cousin Joshua!!!