Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Shower, Birthday, Big Boy, Band, Boomsday!!!

Labor Day week-end was jam packed!!!
It started with a BABY SHOWER for Christina at "The Creamery"!
We had a BIRTHDAY BASH for Carter who turned "3" years old!!!
Happy Birthday CARTER!!!

Layton turned into a "BIG BOY" with his first haircut from his Great-Grandma Hinckley!
He was good as long as Amy kept feeding him Captain Crunch!!

And then we have "THE BAND"!!!
Move over "PJ & GREG and "The HINCKLEY"S!!!!
The Grandkids are about to take over!!!
And it all ended with a big BOOM at "BOOMSDAY"!!!


Lindsay said...

Wow that is a seriously fun weekend. I wish we could have been there! Carter looks so big and just like Dawson in those pictures and I can't believe how big Layton looks. He has so much hair!

Crystal Copeland said...

Gee that picture from Boomsday looks familiar! haha!